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Damaged Photo Restoration

Have you been keeping your old photographs in a box or loft for sometime? Now is the time to retrieve them to get them restored by a damaged photo restoration specialist. No matter what the damage, we at fix-a-foto are happy to provide you with a quotation. The results we achieve will astound you. We will replace missing parts of photographs, remove any dust or scratches.We even add colour to vintage black and white photos, if required!

Why Restore your Old Photographs?.

Old photographs are very seldom seen as they are being stored in a boxes and never seeing the light of day. Restoring these  photographs is the best way of bringing back memories. Unfortunately nowadays, images today are captured and viewed on a Mobile Phone, PC or on Social Media

Preservation of Your Originals

A primary benefit of restoration is the preservation of your originals. In the case of deteriorating photographs, time is important. therefore, the use of a  professional photo restoration service prevents further losses. Once you have a restored copy  it does not matter as much, however we still return your original in the condition that we received it.

Add Sepia, other tints or even Full Colour to Black and White images.

Professional restoration and editing techniques can enhance sharpness, besides adding realistic shades to the images.

Electronic Storage and Ease of Sharing

Restoring your old photos also allows you to convert them to digital images. These are then stored for sharing with family and friends in digital format. This is a convenient way to retrieve a particular group of photographs or store secure copies. These files last indefinitely therefore  you can share digital copies via email or print whenever you wish.

Genealogical Benefits

For historians, the benefits of restoring old photos are considered priceless. The genealogical benefits are important to anybody trying to build a family tree.  Therefore historically-significant photographs, require expert photo restoration techniques.

Fix-a-Foto are specialists in photo restoration and photo repair. Subsequently you view  your restored photographs online before you make your payment  .

Our photo restoration knowledge/expertise enables us to produce work to a  very high  standard.

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Our professional damaged photo restoration service can repair your treasured photographs.

How much?


Every photo is different. We need to see your photo to assess it and give you a quote.

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We aim to get back to you with a quote within 1 working day of receiving your photo.